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Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • Quiet that Old Washer Down with Silent Feet Washer and Dryer Accessories

    Got a washer or dryer that won’t  behave? Laundry tends to be put off until late in the evening, when the kids are settling down to homework or the family’s gathered around the TV. Often, people will start a load and settle down for bed. But if your washer or dryer vibrates, shakes or violently rattles, you can kiss that evening of peace and quite goodbye. The kids’ homework will get disrupted. Nobody can get a wink of sleep. Some washer and dryers are so loud they end up keeping the neighbors awake too.

    It’s pretty common. Many older models loose their solid base over the years as motors become clunky and the body vibrates and shakes more excessively. Even some newer models may display too much shaking. A number of 2009 models have been noted for excessive shaking in the reviews, something you can’t tell right away at the store. You might be thinking it’s time for a new one.

    But there’s a recession on, and family budgets are tight. Most can’t afford to get a new washer or dryer, especially when the new model might end up shaking just as bad. The fact is, however, you can buy washer and dryer accessories that will take care of your problem. For the price you’d spend on a minor appliance repair, you can get Silent Feet that soften the sound of washer and dryer shaking, lessening the noise to a peaceful hum you won’t likely hear above the TV.

    Forget those piles of rags you’ve stacked under your washer and dryer feet. Those might have been an amiable effort, but let’s face it, did they do much to dampen the noise? Silent Feet, however, muffle the sound so you barely hear in the first place. Silent Feet deliver peace to washer and dryers, no matter how clunky and annoying they may sound today.

    You may find other washer and dryer accessories that may claim to solve the problem, but be aware of their materials. Some are made of cheap foam rubber that will work no better than those soggy rags you stuffed under the appliance in the first place. Silent Feet, however, are made from Sorbothane, the same one of a kind visco elastic polymer that’s used by NASA and NASCAAR for its energy absorbing properties.

  • Tired of Washing Machine Noise?

    Are you sick and tired of loud and obnoxious washing machine noise? Does your washing machine vibrate so loudly that you have to limit when you use it? Is the spin cycle shaking enough to drive you absolutely mad? There is no reason why you should have to deal with a rowdy washer. You can find several useful products that have been invented by Vibration Solutions in order to address these issues. Don’t let a noisy washer interfere with your schedule, purchase a product that can help eliminate a lot of the noise and provide you with the peace and quiet that you have been in need of.

    There are a lot of washing machines out there that can be obnoxiously noisy, even some of the new 2009 models have been recognized for their loud vibration capabilities. This inconvenient encumbrance can interfere with your sleeping habits and completely ruin any moments of personal solitude. If you work from home, or like to read or watch television, washing machine noise can be a serious problem. And it can even interfere with your neighbors if you happen to live in close proximity inside of a condo or town home. You won’t have to run off to the library to get the quiet that you need and you won’t have to restrict your washing habits to make sure that you are not inconveniencing your neighbors.

    Luckily, there are products out there that can help to lessen the vibration noise. They have been designed to enhance your washing machine’s vibration dampening capabilities. Silent Feet that can be placed on the legs of your washer that are intended to absorb much of the vibration and cushion the ground underneath. They are available in a variety of colors in order to enhance your laundry room. Vibration Solutions is also coming out with a line of washing machine pads that are composed of a one of a kind material designed to also absorb vibration. These products were invented in order to counter the noise and to provide you with a quieter running machine.

    You will also be happy to hear that these products are very affordable and that you can purchase them online today. You can rest assured that you won’t have to pay for a new machine and you can extend the life of your current machine by purchasing products designed to reduce washing machine noise.

  • Purchasing a Washing Machine Pad

    There are several advantages to purchasing a washing machine pad from Vibration Solutions to place underneath your unit. I had been having several problems with my machine and I was looking for a solution. These problems seemed to only be getting worse and I was concerned that I would need to purchase an entirely new unit, which was really not in my budget. I decided to see if I could find other helpful alternatives that could alleviate some of the problems that I was having with my machine.

    When washing heavier loads or using the heavy duty cycle, I noticed that the entire machine would shake quite violently. The vibrating noises were amplified after resonating off of the dryer and the ceramic floor. I was worried that the tiles would eventually crack. Sometimes when the vibration would be especially loud the lid to the machine also started to slightly bounce open splashing water out. This problem started occurring more frequently and it even began happening when I was washing regular loads. I could only do my laundry when my kids were at school because otherwise the machine would be interrupting their sleep, homework time, or dinner. I knew that I needed to find another solution.

    I started scouring the internet for some advice. After searching through several websites and blogs written by people that were experiencing the same types of problems that I was, I decided to purchase a washing machine pad from Vibration Solutions to see if I could eliminate any of these problems. The pad was composed of a special material that would assist in absorbing the vibrations while protecting my floor underneath. There was an oversized washing machine pad that was available that would also protect my floor from any splashing water. The colors of these pads were neutral and they would fit into my décor. I had my fingers crossed that they would be the ultimate solution to my problems and that I would not have to buy another machine.

    The pad arrived within a few days and I was very eager to try it out. I had been waiting to wash a load of beach towels and I figured now would be the perfect time. Within minutes I laid the pad out and started the machine. I could not believe the huge difference! My machine stayed in place the entire time and I hardly even noticed when the spin cycle began or ended. What a great product!

  • Why Consider Buying Washing Machine Accessories?

    There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing washing machine accessories before deciding to replace your unit. Many people do not even realize the assortment of products that are available online from Vibration Solutions that can make using your washing machine a lot less noisy. The mechanical vibrations caused by your machines spin cycle can be excessively loud and annoying. But, they can also cause permanent structural damage to your home or condo. Don’t take the chance and sacrifice you and your family’s safety if your machine vibrates intensely.

    There are several factors that can affect how intensely your machine vibrates. Most machines vibrate at a relatively high frequency that can cause some noise and that may possibly cause damage to your home. Some washing machines that are a bit older, or that have lost their own internal ability to dampen the vibrations may vibrate more loudly. Sometimes this type of vibration may cause your washing machine to bounce forward or to “walk” around. This noise is quite loud and can be intensified by vibrating off of surrounding objects such as your floor and dryer unit. Finally, washing machines that are in need of repair or that have improperly balanced loads will vibrate violently and cause extremely loud noise and they can move from one place to another and even disconnect from the water supply. If your machine is vibrating that intensely turn it off immediately and balance out your load or call a repair specialist.

    If your machine vibrates at the lowest or middle level, you can benefit from using washing machine accessories from Vibration Solutions. These accessories, such as Silent Feet, have been designed in order to dampen the sounds of the vibration to stop the noise and minimize the damage caused by the vibrations. By purchasing these accessories you will not have to worry about when you run your machine since the spin cycle will run much more smoothly and you won’t have to worry about the excessive vibration causing damage to your home’s structure or to your washing machine.

    There are a few different types of washing machine accessories that can serve this purpose. Besides Silent Feet, there are also special washing machine pads have been invented by Vibration Solutions in order to absorb some of the vibration and to keep your machine from walking around. These pads are composed of a unique material that has an exceptional ability to absorb vibrations.

  • The Negative Effects of a Noisy Washing Machine

    Washing machine vibration can be a noisy nuisance as well as a potentially hazardous problem. Most people are unaware of the fact that constant exposure to vibrations may cause structural damage to their home. It can significantly weaken the structure leaving certain stress points vulnerable to collapse. While this is a fairly serious matter, there are things that you can do to dampen the vibrations so that the noise that they give off can be tolerable and that will minimize the damaging vibrating frequencies.

    First we will address the noisy nuisance aspect that washing machine vibration can cause. If you reside in a condo complex or a town home, the last thing that you want is to upset your neighbors by running a noisy washer while they are working or sleeping. Vibrations can easily travel through the floors and the walls and be heard quite strongly by adjacent neighbors. If you are the owner of an especially active washer, you will dread turning it on at any point in the day since you know that it will be heard quite loudly by your neighbors.

    And even if you own your own home, many people are also restricted in the time that they can use their washing machines because they have babies or young children that nap and require a lot of sleep or if their partner works a different shift. You may be surprised by the number of people out there that can not use their washing machine at their whim because they want to avoid any adverse circumstances associated with the noise it generates.

    Another major consequence of prolonged exposure to washing machine vibration can go undetected to the naked eye. The constant vibration may have a significant structural impact on your home or building by weakening the surrounding area. A lot of the time, people do not even realize that their washing machine is causing this damage until it is too late and some type of collapse occurs. The last thing that you want to do is endanger your family or others around you by risking a structural collapse.

    There are products available online that will successfully reduce the vibrations given off by your unit such as Silent Feet from Vibration Solutions. These products are fairly inexpensive and are well worth the investment. Silent Feet can be placed on all four feet of your washer in under five minutes. A good vibration dampener will absorb these noisy and potentially dangerous vibrations and last for years.

  • Professional Washer and Dryer Accessories

    I honestly never knew that you could find useful washer and dryer accessories online and in some select retail stores. There had always been a need for these types of products, but I have always just rigged my own remedies for the problems that I was having. My washing machine was older and it vibrated quite a lot, sometimes causing it to bounce around while the spin cycle was running. New washing machines were very expensive, and given the current economic climate, I could not afford to buy one.

    So instead, I put layers of foam between my washer and dryer to inhibit some of the loud vibration noises and I also put some foam under the feet of the machines. I knew that my at home solution would have very little impact upon the situation but any additional assistance would be appreciated. At the very least, the foam helped protect my floor from scratches from the machine when it started bouncing around.

    One day one of my neighbors in my condo association asked if she could use my washer since her motor had burnt out. I hesitantly agreed, embarrassed by my own washer’s condition. My neighbor got a good laugh at my attempt to damper the vibrations and said that she had encountered the exact same problem that I was having and had purchased washer and dryer accessories online from a company named Vibration Solutions in order to reduce the noise.

    I was so relieved to hear that other people had been having a similar problem and that there were solutions available to help me. My neighbor suggested that I buy washing machine and dryer Silent Feet in order to elevate my machines and to absorb some of the vibrations coming off of the machine. She informed me that Vibration Solutions produced these washer and dryer accessories and offered customers an unparalleled warranty on their products.

    I could not wait to purchase them! Then I could run machine whenever I needed to without having to worry about the noise waking up my neighbors or keeping me from falling asleep at night. I had no idea that there were products like this available and it made me feel better to know that there must be a lot of people out there that were in the same predicament as I was and that needed an inexpensive solution to their washing machine problems.

  • Eliminate Washing Machine Noise

    Does washing machine noise have an impact on when you are able to do your laundry? Are you afraid to turn your machine on during certain hours of the day because you are concerned about it being too loud? Luckily there are solutions for you out there. You won’t have to wait until morning to wash your clothes after a late night baseball game or trip to the water park. Instead of leaving your clothes soiled and wet piled high inside of the machine until morning, you will be able to run your machine late at night with minimal noise.

    Washing machines have mechanical cycles that cause the machine to vibrate habitually. During the spin cycle, the mechanics of the machine cause it to vibrate at a very high frequency, which typically comes across as a humming sound. This noise can be virtually eliminated by purchasing the proper products that were designed to reduce this noise, such as Silent Feet by Vibration Solutions. You won’t have to worry about the washing machine noise waking up the neighbors downstairs or keeping the kids up way past their bedtimes.

    Washing machines can vary significantly from model to model. Some models are designed to eliminate washing machine noise while others have no special features. Even the models that were designed to reduce noise can still produce a vibrating noise that can be exacerbated by surrounding objects. The placement of your machine can also significantly impact how much noise that it will give off. Is your machine on a tile floor or carpeting? The machine that is on the tile floor will give off a much louder vibration sound because the legs will be vibrating off the floor and because the sound waves will bounce off of the floor.

    If your machine is a little bit older, or if it is slightly worn down from usage, some of the components and the internal dampening system will stop working as well as they once had before. This is another situation in which your machine will start vibrating loudly. Silent Feet have been designed to cushion the feet of your machine and to absorb much of the vibration. Obviously, the more violently the machine vibrates the less effect that these products will have on it. But if your machine seems to be in good condition and just a bit on the noisy side, invest in these accessories to ensure that you will be able to you’re your clothes whenever you need to.

  • Professional Washing Machine Accessories

    There are number of helpful washing machine accessories that are available online in order to absorb noisy vibrations. The number one complaint associated with washing machines is that they are way too loud and that the vibrations emitted from the machine are disruptive and can cause the machine to move about. Not only are these vibrations a nuisance to our hearing but they can be responsible for structural damage to your house as a result of the continued strong vibrations.

    Some people have come up with creative, yet usually unsuccessful, ways to try to eliminate some of the noise that is associated with running their washing machine. These homemade washing machine accessories are what lead folks to look for a line of professionally made counterparts. A lot of people stick wads of towels in between their washer and dryer to keep the units from vibrating off of each other. The constant clanging is enough to drive you crazy even though you bought a washer and a dryer that happens to be oversized and has to be butted up against each other in order to fit in the allocated space.

    Various individual have made their own unique inventions which help clean the hard to reach areas underneath your washer and the dryer. One of these inventions requires taking a bendable metal rod and tying several disposable dusting cloths to it and shoving it under the machines and moving it around.  Moving out your machine every few weeks to clean underneath it can be annoying and there are not a lot of options that would be easier.

    People who are fed up with this problem must search the web for washing machine accessories in order to find professional tools that can somehow eliminate these problems. You can instantly find washing machine Silent Feet from Vibration Solutions that are designed to raise your machines and to absorb a very high percentage of the vibration. While there are some other cheap looking models available on other websites, Vibration Solutions produces high-quality washing machine feet backed by a lifetime warranty that reduce the noise from the vibrations and provide much more space to properly clean out all of the accumulating dirt and lint from under the machines. Share this good news about your find with your neighbors, sisters, or even your husband!

  • Products that Counter Washing Machine Noise

    Washing machine vibration can cause a lot of disturbing noise and interfere with your day to day activities. There are a lot of people out there that are afraid to run their washing machine at certain hours of the day because of the loud vibrating noise that it makes. Many of these people live in apartments and they don’t want to disturb their neighbors. Others do not want to cause a ruckus inside of their homes and disrupt sleeping schedules or homework time. Unfortunately though, there are only so many hours in the day and people need to be able to wash their laundry when it is convenient for them.

    Some washing machines make more noise than others. Minor washing machine vibration is very common with both old and new models. Depending upon the type of flooring that you have, the vibration noise may seem louder or softer. Due to the mechanics of the spin cycle on your machine, this type of vibration is necessary. Vibrating sound waves can also be amplified if they vibrate of off surrounding objects. Some washing machines that are older vibrate louder because they have an aged internal dampening system, or if your flooring structure has weakened due to damage from the constant vibration. Finally, there are machines that vibrate uncontrollably and can even violently move around. This is typically due to unbalanced loads or machines that are in need of repair.

    Luckily, there are solutions for your washing machine vibration concerns. You can find special washing machine Silent Feet that are designed to absorb much of the vibration. While these washing machine accessories were designed to reduce or eliminate the high mechanical vibrations associated with running the spin cycle, they can also improve second-rate vibration noises. You will notice a significant difference in the amount of vibrating noise that you hear instantly.

    Silent Feet are quite affordable and come with a great warranty demonstrating their excellent craftsmanship. Silent Feet are available in a variety of colors in order to match your décor. Another bonus of purchasing a product like this is that you will have a much easier time cleaning out underneath your washing machine. Many people purchase these accessories for their dryer as well because of the numerous advantages that they can provide you with. Not only will you be able to run your machine whenever you need to do laundry, but you won’t have to throw out your back every time that you want to get underneath your machine to clean the floor.

  • Washer and Dryer Accessories

    If you are looking for Silent Feet in your local appliance store with the rest of the washer and dryer accessories, you may have a difficult time finding them. Many of these retailers simply have not become aware of the increasing demand for these helpful products. Silent Feet can raise your washer and dryer off the ground while reducing noise associated with vibration. Within the next few years you should see Silent Feet and other Vibration Solution accessories start popping up on shelves in your local stores, but until then you can find them available online.

    Some hardware stores do sell cushioned feet that are meant to absorb some of the vibration for your washer and lessen the amount of noise that the unit makes. In theory, this is a great idea. However, many of these products perform quite poorly when put to the test. They are made from substandard materials that are not extremely effective. Fortunately though, there are some manufacturers that have devoted a lot of time and research to finding the perfect solution for this common problem.

    With endless appointments and activities, most homeowners are pressed for time. By purchasing Silent Feet you won’t have to worry about not being able to run your washing machine before bed out of concern that the noise will keep you awake. You will also have a lot less of a hassle when it comes to cleaning out the underneath of these units where lint can build up quite quickly. By visiting Vibration Solutions online, you will find high quality washer and dryer accessories that can give you some peace and quiet while running your equipment and help make using them much easier. Many people wish that their washer and dryer were just a tad taller to make cleaning underneath them easy. By purchasing Silent Feet that elevate your units slightly off of the ground, your laundry room cleaning can be done with much less effort.

    Washer and dryer accessories can provide you with a number of useful benefits and problem-solving solutions. You can significantly reduce the noise generated from the vibration of your machine and also make them easier to move and clean underneath with Silent Feet. Vibration Solution products were designed to make your life quieter and easier. By purchasing the high-quality Silent Feet models available online, you will be able to experience immediate results once you have installed them.

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