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Wonderful!!! This makes a huge difference....We have a front load washer and it used to rock the house..but the Silent Feet help to where we are not able to hear the washer anymore during the spin cycle....I would highly recommend this to anyone with a front load washer!

- Chalice on

Before I bought this item, I wondered why people would pay so much for what looked like 4 rubber feet for an appliance. After using the product for a few weeks, I wonder why I waited so long. While there is still vibration, the difference is beyond night and day. I will save much more than the purchase price in damage (things falling off selves, etc) and wasted time repositioning the washer. As an aside, I had a Sears service technician onsite (repairing a different appliance and I asked him about these products, he told me that they do indeed work well and the ones that Sears sells are at least $10 more. So in the end, it is still a good deal. Highly recommended.

- DJ from Cleveland

Being a mechanical contractor who buys a lot of vibration and sound attenuation products for HVAC equipment, I was skeptical about the Silent Feet and the price. I was wrong. This is an incredible product, it absolutely performs as advertised. The washer and dryer are so quiet now, we don't notice them running with the laundry room door open, and now the washer stays put on the tile floor!

- Tom via

Awesome product - couldn't say enough good things about it!

- Allen from Virginia

My washer vibrated to the point of "walking" across the laundry room. It still vibrates, but it doesn't move a millimeter.

- Janis via

I can use my kitchen again. Before all my glasses and plates made way too much noise every time I did laundry because my washer is on the other side of the wall that the cabinets are attached to. But not any more, it's very nearly silent in my kitchen. Thanks for the great product.

- NiftyHandyman via YouTube

This product works amazingly well. We had tried many things to reduce the vibration of our high-efficiency washing machine and didn't have high hopes when we bought these anti-vibration feet in a kind of last-ditch effort, but we're extremely pleased with how well they work.

- Erica from PA

Before I bought this item, I wondered why people would pay for what looked like 4 rubber feet for an appliance. After using the product for a few weeks, I wonder why I waited so long. While there is still some vibration, the difference is beyond night and day. I will save much more money that the purchase price in damage (things falling off shelves, etc.) and wasted time repositioning the washer.

- David via

The "Silent Feet" worked very well. Having purchased a front-load washer, the "Silent Feet" worked to significantly reduce the vibration transferred to the floor. The machine itself still had some vibration but it stopped there. Very effective!

- George via

These are expensive but well worth it!! Maybe some of the front-load washer (brand names) could include them with the purchase of there washers!! Works great, no movement.

- Alan via

These feet are great. They seem to do the job of reducing vibration and noise. Much better than the factory feet.

- Arthur via

The Maytag washer that sounds likes a 707 taking off when it goes into its spin cycle dances no more! The feet are well worth the price.

- Martha via

These really work well. Vibrations still exist, but is substantially reduced and much much more quiet. Our washer went from sounding like a helicopter landing, to barely audible. We have a second floor wash room and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I would rate this as one of my best buys ever.

- Niquia via

I'm impressed. After reading about vibration issues with front load washers, I was very concerned about purchasing one for our 2nd floor laundry. After ensuring the machines were level during installation, I am pleased to report these feet function as advertised. I can see the machine vibrating in high speed spin. Yet, standing next to the machine the vibration is not noticeable.. at all.

Silent Feet are a good value, I've already recommended these to two other owners of front load washers.

- Mike in Seattle

Anyone who has one of the new front-loading washing machines installed on a second story knows how awful it is. The spin cycle shakes the whole house. Pictures rattle on the walls, the windows actually bow and it honestly sounds like a helicopter hovering over the house (I swear, that's not an exaggeration). It actually caused a shelf of my china hutch to collapse.

But wow! These Anti-Walk Silent Feet are absolutely great! The best $80 (2 sets) I have spent in a while. The noise is almost completely gone. Same with the vibration. Still a little of both but dramatically improved.

A little challenging placing them under the back feet. They won't slide under the weight of the machine. Our solution: push the machine back, have one person tip it forward and use a stick to slide the Silent Feet into place.

The installers told me they had never seen a front-loading washer run so silently and still. They actually took the Silent Feet packaging with them to recommend them to customers.

- Milton

As an Audio Engineer / Tech Geek, I was SERIOUSLY searching for a solution to our House Renovation and Large Appliance upgrades.

I was very hesitant to read too deep into any reviews or claims of the myriad solutions available online. Knowing the physics and applications of attempting to stop low and sub sonic frequency information from traveling through structural environments, I imagined only marginal improvements from ANY solution.

You can never cover all the bases when you are doing a major house renovation. Our kitchen renovation is nearly 100% successful in marrying from, function, and ergonomics. The only unconsidered factor was moving the refrigerator across the room to a new "cabinet" surround recessed into the basement stairwell wall.

This worked like a charm in beautifying and adding much needed space to our kitchen, but the by product was a direct coupling of the refrigerator through the support beams in the wall to our Bed, which lay directly above the new location on the second floor.

After a few restless nights, with what sounded like a school bus idling outside our Headboard, I reluctantly ordered your Silent Feet.

The kitchen carpenters were thankful that there was just enough space to install these without having to add an inch to the custom cabinet surrounding the Fridge.

IMMEDIATELY the coupling of the Refrigerator motor noise was gone! Additionally, the Freezer and Fridge Doors no longer "Rattle" the adjacent walls, cabinets, and glasses in the cupboards! I used all four of the "slip / padded" feet, saving the "sticky" ones for the below.

Next up, we purchased a stacked front loading Washer + Dryer. This was put in a Closet / Nook outside our bedroom. While this makes the laundry chores a zillion times easier than having to walk down 2 flights to a cold moldy basement, the Super Spin Cycle on the washer and the dryer thump from Towel + Sheet Loads made scheduling laundry around guests, bedtime, and "reading" time, seem like an even bigger chore!

Our house is from the lat 1800's and when either the Washer or Dryer was on, you could feel the entire house gyrate slowly from the massive energy in these spin cycles!

Sitting in a chair on the first floor during the turbo spin was akin to the sensation of standing on a 4 floor mezzanine in one of those Giganto Malls! You literally feel vertigo / sick from the slight but earthquake reminiscent motions!

I figured this would be a tough one.

I literally tilted the entire Washer / Dryer units and placed the feet on the 2 front, then the 2 rear of the washer only (bottom unit).

Gone is all the movement throughout the house from both the washer AND dryer!

We can actually run the units while our 8 year old is sleeping one room away, and have no problem letting the dryer go while we drift off to sleep on the other side of the wall!

I keep thinking I am just not noticing or forgetting to check if the Isolation Feet are "working".

My Wife even said she hasn't remembered to take note of either unit when they are on, so I think that pretty much proves it! Out of sight, out of mind! Problem Solved.

- Brian

This saved my sanity and my washing machine. We've had a front loading HE machine in a second floor laundry room for a few years now. Every time it was loaded with something heavier than baby clothing, it would shake and vibrate half the house. It was so bad that it cracked some of the plaster in the room next to the laundry room. I was considering selling the washing machine and buying a top loader, but decided to give these a chance first. After installing the feet (took just a few minutes, would have been faster if I had someone to help me) I loaded the machine with some jeans to see what it would do. This has COMPLETELY eliminated the house shaking. I highly recommend to anyone trying to solve this problem.

- Robert

Product was exactly as advertised. This improved my shaking washing machine tremendously.

- Lail
Fast shipping, information was clearly laid out. great product!
- Grabow
These things work great. Isolates any vibration from the floor. Would recommend.
- Micci Jr
The transaction was seamless. I ordered the product and received it. What more could you ask for.
- Grady

I recently bought a used front load "super high effeciency" washing-machine and dryer set made by LG. I have an LG dishwasher and have been very impressed with how quiet and well it works.

When I first used the new washing machine, it was reasonably quiet, except for when spinning. It is up on 14 inch tall pedestals, and when the spin cycle started, it jumped all around. Also it was shaking my whole house, making paintings, even in non-adjacent rooms, rattle on the wall.

My wife was afraid of it and refused to even do laundry. I assumed I was going to have to sell it again, probably at a loss, and buy something else. But, first I convinced my wife to let me try a few things, such as these feet.

I ordered these feet, then while waiting, I also put two 30 pound cat litter buckets on the washing machine, this stopped it jumping around, but it still shook the entire house.

Today these feet arrived, they are really well designed. The box has two pair of feet, a "sliding" pair for the back feet, and a "sticky" pair for the front feet. You put the "sliding" pair under the back feet, so you can then adjust the position before installing the front "sticky" pair. The result is your machine can't slide once setup. This alone is handy. Best of all, they actually successfully damp the vibrations so that my wife didn't even hear the washing machine running spin cycle on the "high" speed when sitting down-stairs, directly under it.

Alas, they are not complete miracle workers. If I remove the two 30 pound cat litter buckets, the washing machine starts bouncing up off the feet still, and thus makes lots of noise. BUT, with the extra 60lbs of weight, and these feet, what was once impossibly loud, is now nearly silent, and my house is once again stable, no bouncing paintings or photos.

HIGHLY recommended.

- J. Littrell

This is just what I was looking for and it works just as described. Installation was a breeze and there has been a noticeable decrease in the vibration and noise from my washer. It's simple, easy and their small size keeps them hidden out of sight. Now I've purchased an extra set as a gift for my friend at work who complains about her washer.

- I. Tkaczyk

I bought two sets of Silent Feet and was amazed how well they worked. They exceeded my expectations and I would recommend these to anyone with a vibration problem.

- H. Shwartz

We were having a real problem with our washing machine "walking" and in general being very noisy. Your product worked instantly and continues to do so. It stopped all walking and cut the noise in half. A complete success Thanks

- Rocco J. Triggiano

This is just what I was looking for and it works just as described.Installation was a breeze and there has been a noticeable decrease inthe vibration and noise from my washer. It's simple, easy and theirsmall size keeps them hidden out of sight. Now I've purchased an extraset as a gift for my friend at work who complains about her washer.

- I. Tkaczyk

C'est très pratique et j'ai reçu mon colis la semaine dernière par la poste....J'aime bien passé par Google qui m'inspire confiance pour un achat en je crois bien que Google s'assure de la qualité des firmes qui utilisent le service.

- Patrick Busque

It really works! Thanks alot A+++++

- Kikendai

Hi there,

I had become accustomed to a certain level of noise and vibration so that on my first load after installing the Silent Feet, and leveling the washer again, I had to keep checking to see if it was still on. On the second load I was standing in front of the washer watching it vibrate as it wound up for a spin cycle and I could barely feel it. At 1200rpm for the final spin it was barely detectable elsewhere in the house which makes it a vast improvement over the way it was before.

Communication was quick, professional and the package arrived in excellent condition. I would recommend them and their product to anybody.

- Trygve

Thank you so very much for this product! I had Kenmore service out more times than I can count to remedy the "EXTREME" walking problemfor my front loading washer. They should carry this product!!!

I worked to resolve this issue for over 2 years until I found you on the web... PERFECT SOLUTION, NO WALKING AT ALL...

- Rose

Very fast shipping. Thanks.

- benst65

I got the product without any surprise and it works awesome

- Jose


- John

Excellent, product arrived within 3 days of ordering.The vibration pads far exceeded my expectations.

- Howard

I live in a rental unit and the washer and dryer came with the rental. They vibrated a lot but Silent Feet got rid of almost all the noise. Next time I move, my Silent Feet are coming with me.

- Ian